Loving, Beautiful and Healthy Relationships

17th-18th February 2018
Transform the soul of a relationship first; then transformation of the relationship will follow.
– Master Zhi Gang Sha


Many people wish to have loving, beautiful and healthy relationships with their partners, families, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. People want to feel good with those they spend so much time with in life. Some do have special relationships in their lives.


We have all experienced relationship challenges and pain at some point in our lives. Sometimes there is a feeling of guilt, being ashamed and generally not good enough. In other cases, feeling like you try so hard but no results are forthcoming such as trying to find a true love. Some of us feel uncomfortable with loving and honoring ourselves in relationships.

In this workshop, each participant will learn sacred keys to enjoying loving, beautiful and healthy relationships that are flourishing and full of light. Come learn and experience:

  • Sacred Tao soul wisdom teachings on how to establish, grow, nurture and maintain long-lasting relationships

  • Meaningful practices that can transform obstacles that prevent relationships from blossoming fully

  • True stories of flourishing relationships and how others transformed hurtful ones to loving relationships

  • How to truly speak words of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance from the heart and soul to others

  • Tao blessings to bring positive messages to enhance different aspects of relationships

In addition to all the above, you will also be able to receive special services and products for your life and soul journey.

Come experience soulfulness in your relationships!

Event Information

Workshop Details:

DATE: 17th-18th February 2018

TIME: 10am - 7pm

Attending the workshop in Person:

FEE: £100 earlybird through January 26th, £140 from January 27th

VENUE: Master Sha Tao Centre, 14 Turnham Green Terrace Mews, Chiswick, London, GB. For directions and more venue information CLICK HERE

TO BOOK: Booking details coming shortly.

Please note space is limited to 50 spaces.

Attending the workshop in via Webcast:

FEE: £90 for webcast only option.

TO BOOK: Booking details coming shortly.