Introduction to Loving, Beautiful and Healthy Relationships

25th January 2018
Transform the soul of a relationship first; then transformation of the relationship will follow.
– Master Zhi Gang Sha

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have loving, beautiful and healthy relationships? Why others seem to suffer so much in some very important relationships? Or what you are doing to attract or resist special relationships?

In this introduction, unlock some sacred soul secrets to flourishing relationships. Come learn and experience:

  • An introduction on how to establish, grow, and nurture, long-lasting relationships

  • One practice to help you to open your heart and soul more to having special relationships

  • A true story of a flourishing relationship

  • One sacred Tao blessing for 1 relationship

Come discover how you can experience more loving, beautiful and healthy relationships!

Event Information

Introduction Evening Details:

DATE: 25th January 2018

TIME: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

VENUE: Master Sha Tao Centre, 14 Turnham Green Terrace Mews, Chiswick, London, GB. For directions and more venue information CLICK HERE

FEE: Free

Please note space is limited to 50 spaces.