Open Your Spiritual Channels

14th-18th August 2020

The meaning in life

Have you lived your life searching for deeper meaning?

Asking yourself questions such as, what is the purpose of life, where did you come from or where you are going?

Is there a deep calling inside of you that wants to communicate and connect with your soul, the saints in Heaven, the Divine, the Tao and more?

Have you desired to live a more soul guided life where you receive messages and answers from the Soul World to help you make important decisions and live happier, healthier and freer?

Receive spiritual guidance

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Open Spiritual Channels Retreat is for you!

Come take the journey to open or further open your spiritual channels with Certified Master Teachers of the Tao Academy, who are leading authorities on how to use Soul Communication to receive spiritual messages and Third Eye spiritual images to guide your life.

Opening your spiritual channels is the pathway to communicate with the Soul World to receive profound messages to guide your life and soul journey.

In this Open Spiritual Channels Retreat, you will:

  • Learn ancient wisdom and modern practical techniques for opening your spiritual channels

    • Soul Language Channel – the voice and communication of the soul

    • Direct Soul Communication Channel – hear direct spiritual messages

    • Third Eye Channel – see spiritual images

    • Direct Knowing Channel – know the essence of the topic in its purest form

  • Experience a profound heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connection with Mother Earth, Heaven, and the Tao – the Ultimate Source and Creator

  • Speak your soul’s language and receive messages directly from your soul

  • Communicate with the saints (from any realm), the Divine and the Tao to receive sacred messages for your life

  • Discover how to see Third Eye spiritual images to gain a deeper understanding of life

  • Experience the oneness and unity between yourself, your higher purpose and the universe

  • Receive many Tao Blessings for your life

    • 1x Tao Song Blessings for aligning the mind, heart and soul

    • 5x Tao Calligraphy Field Group Healing Sessions, including Tao Light Massage

    • 1x Tao Light Ball Transmission for the Greatest Love


Additionally, you will be able to receive optional special Tao blessing services and products for your life and soul journey. These could empower you to unblock yourself and experience more alignment between your physical life and spiritual life.

When you are new to opening your spiritual channels, you will be lovingly and safely guided through the process of opening your spiritual channels so you can begin to receive sacred and special messages from the Soul World.

When you are experienced or even advanced in soul communication, you can deepen your connection, abilities, accuracy and depth of your spiritual channels to receive higher level messages in this sacred Tao high frequency field.

A sacred calling

This is more than an invitation… this is a sacred calling to come open your spiritual channels, develop your higher potentials, and reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness in your daily life!

Event Information

DATE: 14th - 18th August 2020

TIME:  Friday - Monday: 10:00am – 8:00pm, Tuesday: 10:00am - 6:00pm

VENUE: All our events are online until further notice

FEE: In Person and Webcast: £150.00 through July 14, £225.00 from July 15