Introduction to Open Spiritual Channels Retreat

Discover How to See and Hear the Spiritual World
7th August 2020














Every human being has four spiritual channels that can be nurtured in order to receive messages and guidance for their lives.

In this very special retreat, participants will learn about each of the spiritual channels and how to develop them in order to experience many benefits for their physical and spiritual journeys.

The four spiritual channels are:

  1. Soul Language Channel – Soul Language is the language of the soul. This channel connects us deeply with our own soul and other souls and allows us to receive messages through Soul Language.

  2. Direct Soul Communication Channel – this is a channel of direct communication with the soul world – with angels, saints, and more. You can speak to and hear from these souls through this channel.

  3. Third Eye Channel – this is the channel of spiritual vision, through which you are shown spiritual images that also carry messages and meaning.

  4. Direct Knowing Channel – When this channel is open and active, one simply “knows” information with no need for inquiry or explanation.

The degree to which each of these channels is open varies. However, we can practice and receive blessings to purify and open these spiritual channels further to enhance our lives and our service greatly.

During this retreat, our certified Master Teachers will offer deep wisdom, teachings, practices and blessings for the spiritual channels. You will:

  • Learn more about each of your spiritual channels

  • Learn practices that can help open your channels and learn how to receive messages through your spiritual channels

  • Witness and receive sacred messages from the Master Teachers and others who have developed advanced spiritual channels

  • Be able to receive Tao Light Field Blessings to support and enhance your spiritual channels

  • Learn exactly how to communicate with the Soul World to receive guidance for your life (and for others) through your channels

We welcome you to join us to learn and receive extraordinary teachings, wisdom and blessings for your life and spiritual journey.


Event Information

DATE: 7th August 2020

TIME:  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

VENUE: Online

FEE: Free​