Guan Yin Retreat

Learn the Path of Service
29th Sept-1st Oct 2017
The purpose of life is to serve. – Master Zhi Gang Sha
Who is Guan Yin?

Guan Yin is short for Guan Shi Yin, which means “the one who hears the sounds or cries of the world.” As Guan Shi Yin Pusa, she is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

There are different stories and legends about Guan Yin’s origins and gender. It is said that Guan Yin can incarnate at will, in any form, to save beings from suffering and ignorance. In the west and much of China, she is often depicted and referred to as female.

Guan Yin is revered around the world for her compassion and mercy. She made many vows that demonstrate her deep and total commitment to end suffering. She will help any soul who calls her name. There are a multitude of heart touching stories from those who have called upon her in times of need, to save their lives, restore health and more.

In Taoism, records indicate that Guan Yin became immortal. Yet she is very humble. Guan Yin calls herself a bodhisattva – representing one who is not quite at total enlightenment, but she is indeed a Buddha. In 2003, Guan Yin’s new name – Ling Hui Sheng Shi (pronounced ling hway sheng shr), was revealed to humanity. “Ling” means soul. “Hui” means intelligence. “Sheng” means saint. “Shi” means servant.

About the Guan Yin Retreat

We live in the current times of the world where there is so much change occurring – within ourselves, society, the climate, politics, business and more. 

We live in time where people are searching for the Ultimate Truth and the Ultimate Way to be healthy, happier and successful in their daily lives and soul journeys. 

We live in a time where people are searching to develop their soul abilities and cultivate their highest service to humanity, Mother Earth, Heaven and the Tao Source.

The Guan Yin Retreat is about connecting you to the Ultimate Truth and the Ultimate Way of Unconditional Service to become the best that you can be and fulfill your life purpose and service.

Come learn and experience:
  • Who is Guan Yin?

  • The power and abilities of Guan Yin’s unconditional service

  • How you can cultivate yourself to develop the greatest love, forgiveness, compassion and light to offer the best possible service

  • What is the Guan Yin Lineage?

  • The power and significance of the Guan Yin Lineage

  • How you can become a Guan Yin Lineage Holder

  • How becoming a Guan Yin Lineage Holder can bless any aspect of your life and others’ lives, including health, relationships, intelligence, finance, business, spiritual journey and more

  • Sacred practices to cultivate the heart and soul, bring out your higher soul potentials and abilities, and truly move forward on your journey with clarity, confidence and purpose for your path of service

  • Sacred special blessings

You will also have additional opportunities for special services for your life and soul journey.

For those that meet the prerequisites and requirements of becoming a Guan Yin Lineage Holder, you will be able to apply and register when approved at this retreat.

More than a sacred calling… come experience the power of Guan Yin’s love, compassion and service.

Event Information

DATE: Friday 29th September - Sunday 1st October 2017

TIME: Friday evening 7.30pm-9.30pm. Saturday 10:00 am – 8.00 pm. Sunday 10:00 am – 6.00 pm. 

VENUE: Holiday Inn Wembley, Empire Way, London HA9 8DS

FEE: £150 in person, $125 CAD for webcast.​

To register to attend in person, please email 

To register to attend on webcast, please click here.