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Bringing joy to assisted living facility residents

Adina Dimitriu Toronto, Ontario

Last year I went to Romania, my homeland, to celebrate my grandfather’s 98th birthday. He resides in an assisted living facility in the capital city of Bucharest where there is rich cultural and educational activity.

My grandfather was very impressed to learn of my transformation over the past four years since I met Master Sha and that Master Sha’s blessings and techniques were instrumental in saving my life from an incurable medical condition.

As a member of the social club, my grandfather has helped to organize programs and activities for the residents. He invited me to be a guest speaker to teach the club members how to chant and meditate with the soul song Love, Peace and Harmony to bring more positive energy to their community.

During my presentation, I shared my personal experiences with more than twenty elderly residents and played the Love, Peace and Harmony CD in the background. As a Certified Tao Calligraphy Practitioner, I wrote Ling Guang and Tao Guangcalligraphies to offer blessings. The members were fascinated to see the calligraphies I had written. The song, calligraphies and the presentation deeply touched the hearts of everyone in attendance. The energy in the room shifted to a more positive one, the residents were relaxed and in a much happier mood.

Love, Peace and Harmony was loved and appreciated by everyone. One of my grandfather’s friends asked for a copy of the CD and began listening to it in his room every day. Soon after his peers noticed that his mood and attitude had changed for the better.

When I spoke to my grandfather after returning home to Canada, he mentioned that many of his peers kept reminiscing about my presentation and that he had noticed some very positive changes in some of the residents that attended my presentation.

All in all, it was an amazing and transformative experience for me and the club members. It was also a major testimony of the power of Love, Peace and Harmony and learning about the power of soul for audiences of all ages.

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