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Stepping into the Tao Chang: Life Transformation with Master Sha, new radio show!

We are very excited to announce the new talk radio show Stepping into the Tao Chang: Life Transformation with Master Sha and host Diana Gold Holland on the VoiceAmerica™ Empowerment Channel. We are delighted to offer people all over the world a place to join together and be uplifted each week.

Every Tuesday we welcome you to immerse yourself in the Tao Chang and the Tao teachings. Master Sha will inaugurate the show on May 28th and welcome everyone to the Tao Chang. We hope you will join us for this wonderful occasion and share with others the beginning of a new chapter in spreading the benefits of Tao wisdom and practices.\

Discover how to let your true self emerge and bring out your greatest potential through the wisdom and practices that will be presented by guests on the show, including Master Sha, Master Teachers, students, and people who have experienced life transformation through the Tao Chang and Tao teachings.

Stepping into the Tao Chang will explain how to connect the happenings in your everyday life to ancient and modern wisdom to help you overcome whatever challenges you face.

Host Diana Gold Holland will situate Master Sha’s teachings in relation to both ancient traditions and contemporary science and thought, bringing spirituality and science and East and West together each week.

Listen to the show live or on podcast and be inspired every week!

Diana Gold Holland has been a Canadian correspondent for Share International magazine since its inception in 1982, interviewing luminaries on the forefront of global change. A college educator, editor and media specialist by trade, she has assisted several distinguished authors in the field of spirituality, Having assisted with the launch of Master Sha’s publishing house, Heaven’s Library, and written several articles about his work and mission, Diana welcomes the opportunity to bring the wisdom and practical techniques taught by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang to a wide audience.

How to Listen?

Listen live every Tuesday at 3pm Pacific Time (10pm UK GMT time) through the Voice America website: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/3890/stepping-into-the-tao-chang-life-transformation-with-master-sha-and-host-diana-gold-holland

You can also re-play the old episodes through the link above.

You can also download the Voice America app to listen.