4th December
Soul Mind Body Wellness Day

The next step to serve humanity is soul over matter, which is Soul Power.
– Master Zhi Gang Sha

Finding true alignment & connection

People are searching for alignment in their lives. They wish to have that feeling when everything is aligned and flowing beautifully all the time. Truly, they wish to be healthy, happy and successful. 

People are also searching for connection in their lives and soul journeys. They wish to be connected to their family, loved ones, friends and others. They meet up and use technology, social media and more to be connected. Truly, people are looking for the sacred connection to their souls, the spiritual world, their spiritual guides, the Divine and the Tao. The sacred connection is the true way to really live connected to your higher potentials and abilities accessible within your soul. The sacred connection to the universe is available when you awaken to and develop the power of your soul.

In the Soul Mind Body Wellness Day, you will learn and discover:

  • What are the power, abilities and characteristics of the soul.

  • The sacred connection of the soul, heart, mind, and body, how they can be blocked, and how you can realign them to experience optimal health, well-being and happiness.

  • A sacred code to bring out the true voice and sound of your heart and soul for freedom and joy.

  • How to use the power of your soul to bless any aspect of your life, including your health, relationships, intelligence, finance, business and more.

  • Sacred special Tao Hands blessings and how you can receive Tao Hands to offer sacred blessings to yourself, others, groups and remotely.

This Event is For You If...​

  • You're looking to experience health, happiness and success in your daily life.

  • You're already doing self-improvement practices but want to get more benefit from them.

  • You're a practitioner of alternative modalities and want to add powerful ways to offer special blessings to others, in person, groups or remotely.

  • You desire to make a difference in the lives of your family, friends, loved ones, others, and also to create love, peace and harmony in your community, country and the world.

  • You truly wish to become the best that you can be, reach your highest potential in your soul, heart, mind and body, and truly serve others to experience optimal health, happiness and success.


Join us for greater wellness in your life

At this workshop, you will also have additional opportunities to receive special services for your life and soul journey. Whether you are new or experienced, come experience the power of soul mind body wellness and the true sacred connection.​

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Time: 10 am - 6 pm

Venue: Online

Fee:  £125

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